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Lights On! Speaking Engagements

  • Looking for a Speaker who is dynamic and passionate?
  • Looking for a Speaker who speaks your language?
  • Looking for a versatile, inspirational Speaker who will tailor the message to fit your group’s particular challenge or struggle?
  • Looking for a Speaker who understands the inner workings of women’s organizations?

Book Claire Knowles for Your Next Conference, Network Meeting or Organizational Lift-up! 

  • Stimulating talk (tailored to your Challenge)
  • Thoughtful stories coated with Inspiration
  • Take-aways to grow forward
  • Inspirational yet light

Praise for Claire’s Presentations:

"Claire...I enjoy work again and I have hope! As far as our organization, you lifted us up to another level. The level of professionalism, respect and teamwork has increased; the progress is remarkable. .You woke our employees up! You made them aware of inappropriate negative behavior; their behaviors have been modified positively. The elephants were brought out into the open. The focus on serving our clientele has been underscored. You gave us steps to keep focused on these issues on an on-going basis. For your potential clients: If you feel that chaos (games, lack of teamwork, poor communications, unprofessional behavior) occurs toClaire Knowles - Lights On - Speaking engagementso often with your employees, there is hope for a better, more humane workplace. Trust Claire...She knows what she’s doing!”

Thank You from Private Firm, Niagara Falls NY


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