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  • Looking for a speaker who is dynamic and passionate?
  • Looking for a speaker that speaks your language?
  • Looking for a versatile,  inspirational Speaker who will tailor the message to fit your group’s particular challenge or struggle? 

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  • Does your group need to be rejuvenated? Re-focused?
  • Are you struggling to survive?   
  • Is there in-fighting?
  • Have you lost your focus?
  • Sense of accomplishment?
  • Is the group exhibiting non-professionalism?

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LightsOn Book by Claire Knowles"Here's a quick peak at the Table of Contents" of this exciting new book! Women in Leadership...focus your attention to Chapter 10 especially!

Sample Chapter - "Sometimes we all need a little push."

Attention: Women Leaders and Business Owners

Are you frustrated working with groups of people who are ineffective, incoherent, stuck or spinning in all directions?

Are you and your team or group struggling with moving forward with what you want to accomplish and can’t seem to make the kind of impact  you came together for in the first place?

Well, I have certainly been where you are...

Claire KnowlesHi, I’m Claire Knowles and I know what struggling to make good things happen with groups is all about. I spent many years in Corporate H.R. and in Union Bargaining. I’ve also worked with for- profit and not-for-profit organizations helping them to get  focused and become hugely effective in what they want to do together. I know the key.  I use a proprietary process that allows the important conversations to  take place—where the game-playing stops—and where serious accomplishment results. Now I teach others how to do this through Lights On!  It is so exciting when those lights come on!  


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