Claire Knowles - Lights on a Reflective journey book

Lights On! A Reflective Journey

LightsOn Book - claire Knowles Illuminations to move your life forward with ease.
By Claire Knowles

By the time the sun sets on your life, you want to have made a difference. You don’t want to waste a day struggling through the mire and not being able to to see the light that beckons you along your personal and professional path. You want to move forward with passion, certainty, courage and clarity. Lights On! is a spirit-lifting book that compels you forward so you can make a difference in your life. It includes:

  • Wisdom-filled vignettes
  • Heart-warming stories
  • Guidance for women and women in business leadership roles
  • Reflections on everyday life
  • Penetrating questions

...all of which are intended to propel you forward! Lights On! 

About the Author:

Claire Knowles spent a lifetime studying people and developing a keen, intuitive sensitivity about relational dynamics. These insights opened up personal pathways leading to an effective professional career in Human Resource Management, and extensive continuous improvement and change management work with women-run businesses, organizations and leadership consulting endeavors.

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“With a gentle touch, Claire Knowles allows life to teach her, and by extension all of us. Would that we all could adopt the ways she learns the lessons of life, from everything that occurs around her. As women, we can, and we deserve to, pay attention to her accessible wisdom, and accept her invitation to "turn our own lights on!"

Martha Johnson, MEd.
Author, "Clarity Coach, Blogger"
Author, "Why Not Do What You Love?"
Author, "Musing Along the Way"

“Claire Knowles is a wonderfully experienced facilitator and motivator. With warm-hearted stories, clear council, and many years of experience she shares her wisdom in her book and sheds “lights on” many areas helping us to grow and become more of what we can be. This book is a little treasure to read and to share.”

Gunilla Norris
Author of a series of books on hearthside spirituality, including: Being Home, Becoming Bread, Inviting Silence, A Mystic Garden and Simple Ways

“Storytelling is an ancient tradition that helps us make sense of complex situations in our lives. Like Aesop's Fables, Jataka's Tales, or the Panchatantra, Claire Knowles' delightful and insightful tales help us to reflect on our and others' perspectives of life, and how those perspectives impact what we do in life and our relationships with others. Her tales illustrate how our perspectives impact our quality of life, as well.

Sometimes it is difficult in today's complex ,ever-changing world to recognize the dynamics in which you find yourself. Claire's wonderful 'Lights On!' series helps one to reflect and see the dynamics at play, helping us to not only be better leaders, but better people through the process."

Beverly Gay McCarter
Principal, Human Mosaic Systems, LLC

“There is something remarkably comforting in the way Claire weaves her personal experiences and beliefs into simple but profound lessons for the rest of us to take away. Perhaps its her word choice, experience crafting stories or innate wisdom. Whatever it is, her spirit spoke to me as I read one insightful gem after another. What a wonderful gift she's given us!
Here's to your possibilities!”

Sara Russell
President & Founder
Feel the Possibilities
A Division of Sarandipity, LLC