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Hi! I’m Claire Knowles and I’m passionate about people and about people working constructively with other people to make good things happen together! And I’m especially passionate about helping women leaders and women business owners achieve extraordinary results. After all, is that not at the heart of being in business? To be the very best we can be? To achieve? To move forward?

So why is it, that so many groups of people—trying to work together—don’t seem to be able to do that very well? I’ve been where things get jumbled up, where the un-discussables stay un-discussed and then cripple the outcome; where groups chartered to complete certain goals spin and spin and spin—where progress is slow, with recycling happening again and again. That’s not where I wanted to be, and that’s probably not what you want either! Especially, if you are a woman leader and responsible for good results to happen quickly.

I come out of the corporate world—(DuPont)—with a long and fruitful career in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations. I’m a skilled facilitator and mediator. I approach my work from a perspective of a deep belief in the goodness of people.

I work primarily with women’s organizations, groups and businesses to be the best they can be together; to achieve the best results they can achieve together. The process I use is proprietary; it opens up the conversations that are essential to hold; the game-playing stops; principled behavior emerges; the group gets really clear on their intentions, their absolute work, commitments, follow-through, and all this happens while learning to value each other. Lights On! is about moving forward together with intention and deliberateness (and some fun, too).

One of my key functions in Human Resources work, was to help staff and leadership develop clarity in their thinking around the myriad issues they faced in this constantly-changing world. Now, as a consultant, facilitator, speaker and writer, I’m continuing that. Importantly, I bring both an experiential background to my work (30+years in Human Resources and problem-solving) and also the theoretical element (B.S. in Business Management and Economics, with a concentration in H.R. and Labor Relations). In addition, my work with R.N.Knowles & Associates, Inc., has provided opportunities to utilize this proprietary process in all sorts of companies, in varying industries and with men and women.

I’ve seen the cattiness of many people in the workplace; I’ve seen the undermining that takes away from accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be that way. So I come to this juncture ready to especially help women turn their Lights On! And to be able to move forward with their high-beam lights in focus!

On a personal note, I am married to Richard N. Knowles. I have one daughter, three step-daughters, 5 grandchildren and divide my time between St. Petersburg, Florida and Youngstown, NY. Contemplative beach walks lift me up. Lights On!

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